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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

One way that this is true ...get a your head JACKED up!

That alone will turn Santa into the Grench,

Humble law abiding moral citizen into a profanity drenched scum bag.

(Your feelings went far left as you read it.) Come on. Don't lie to yourself.

Point made, now let us move on.

Another proof of this is the way we spent money. Americans spent more money on personal grooming than what they read, according to U.S. census Bureau. Let me add that this was during the pandemic.

This is one for all who are smart and only respect scientic research.

The prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business did research based on this. All directed by Professor Margret Neale. She completed a series of 5 studies and concluded self perceived physical attractiveness mattered more to one's own perception of social rank than their other standards like compassion or honesty.

All cases in point, now you can see how hair can affect how feel.

Needless to say we love being a source to elevate you state. Our joy comes from knowing that you feel good.

We're actually open everyday and you can join our OnLine WaitList here.

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