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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Leaping over sky scrapers to rip off a the door of a flaming car rescuing the helpless baby. Walking directly into armor-piercing ammo to stop savage villians from killing innocent civillians. These cinematic scenes excite us! Playing well on the big screen and actors perform good in scripted enviroments. The trained entertainers fall short in comparison to real raw uncut reality. Try protecting a city with at least 170 crime related deaths in 2021, with only about 640 or so officers ( 746,000 population ). All during a global pandemic. The crime rate sky rockets about 30%. Historically reaching to the hightest level in nearly two and a half decades. BRPD are real life hero's! Movie producers can not recreate their courage, valor, and bravery. CatchYaCut BarberShop in Baton Rouge honor's them with style. We want them to be fresh, stay sharp, and feel good while protecting our city. They get a discounted price as a standard. Officer's can click the pic to join.. use the link..or come in. If your reading this (& not law enforcement) you can be rewarded too. Not as grand as the Hero's are. Click the link or pic and get $5 Off your first visit.

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