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'A blessing in disguise, is right before our eyes. But since it is in disguise, we don't know that it's there.' - Lil Wayne

Now how can this quote, from the infamous Lil Wayne, have anything to do with COVID - 19 (and our experience with it)? We lost time, money, jobs, and even loved ones. The whole world and our total existence was in a grinding stop within the gears that turn life. So how can COVID - 19 be a blessing?

Well, we did learn the paramount importance of companionship. The nurture released in the exchange of a friendly hug. The joy of going on a will.

Within the Barber Service industry we were reminded of how vital a sanitation is. How that can be the active agent in safegaurding our customers and their families. In fact before the 'pandemic' some sources claim about 54 million Americans had 4 or more haircuts in 2019. This number exploded too a little over 59 million in 2020. Without a doubt the number of death and COVID - 19 infection soared, no sense in counting that we've had enough accounts almost every minute.

So, with more customers coming and COVID - 19 on the rise... what will we do?

CatchYaCut BarberShop in Baton Rouge will continue to operate as directed by CDC guidelines regardless. Pathogens and nonpathogens don't take a day off. Neither do any other disease or transmittable bacteria. To ensure we're part of the solution, this is our new standard. Still going to take temperature. Still going to operate with minimum capacity. Still wearng face mask and offering free ones. Still sanitizing arears after each Guest.

Plus, we added more:

-Hands Free Hand Sanitizer

-Hands Free Papertowel

-Hands Free Hand Soap

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