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Barbershop in Baton Rouge open Monday's

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

CatchYaCut Barber shop near me open on Monday
CatchYaCut the abstract Barber&Beauty solution in Baton Rouge, is open on Monday

First Of All Is It Legal To Open On Monday's?

Sweet and short answer..YES.

Now, here's the longer one. Through out the mid 20th century, certain cities organized a union for Barbers. Union leaders wanted employees to enjoy a two day weekend without the possibility of a competitive advantage. Therefore, the established result was to impose that all locations adhere to Monday and Sunday being a nationally recognized time of closing.

This became a tradition which is still followed long after the legislation ended.

Why Is CatchYaCut Open On Monday's?

We are open both Sunday and Monday due to a intense love of the hair industry and the desire to extend convenience towards Client's.

CacthYaCut Barber Near Mw

CatchYaCut is the manifestation of a passion. A desire to see a the smile of a satisfied Client, when they experience the results of manicured hair. This in turn has the founder to actually enjoy going to the location.

Taleem's a Barber/Stylist whom considers the hair industry a exciting scientific art, not a job. So, he eagerly looks forward towards it.

How Does it Benefit The Client?

  1. Serene Atmosphere - Most people rush Barber/Salon service locations on Friday's and Saturday's. This may cause crowded waiting areas and double booked appointments. A transition to Monday's can calm stressful travel.

  2. Consistent Availability - Instead of cramming your hair service experience with countless others. Declare a distinction. Place your time where you'll enable the value of frequency.

  3. Free WiFi - Entertain yourself with the 10.9 upload and 52.80 download gig per minute speed.

  4. 250 Channel HD Flat Screen's

  5. Get In Line, While Online - In traffic and in route? Want to know how many are waiting? Place your self in line

CatchYaCut Online WaitList
Get In Line, While Online. Be Notified When It's Your Turn.


We Want To Reward You, When You Allow Us To Service Your Hair.

$5 OFF

50% OFF For Each Referral

Store Credit

FREE Hair Services

CatchYaCut Rewards Program
Join The CatchYaCut Get More Pay Less Rewards Program

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